Better Basic Bridge: Keep writing letters to lots and lots of editors

Nancy Evins • Updated Feb 12, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Like many of you, I suppose, I like to read letters to editors. Those include The Democrat, the Tennessean, Time magazine and others but especially those written to the ACBL Journal.

Not only is it informative as to the thoughts and opinions of others, it gives one a great opportunity to practice the art of not imploding.

There was a letter from a gentleman from Columbus, Ohio written to the ACBL Journal this month that I thought was interesting, especially to those who play bridge.

He was in a Swiss team match at a regional tournament in Kentucky. He was playing West with his teammates playing the same hand at another table as North/South.

This was the hand.

West writes; “North passed, and George (his partner) opened one diamond. And South holding a total Yarborough sensed quite correctly that we were cold for at least a small slam overcalled two clubs.”

Note to those non-bridge players…this bid is called a psyche. I call it psychotic.

West continues, “I was quite surprised at the interference, but nevertheless, made a negative double. I was even more surprised, almost to the point that I thought partner pulled the wrong card out of the bid box, when everyone passed.

I led the ace of diamonds, and after dummy appeared, I pulled a round of trumps with the ace and continued diamonds. George overtook the third round and proceeded to pull all the trumps. After 10 rounds of minor-suit cards, I came down to my three major-suit honors, and dummy was squeezed down to its three major-suit honors, as well. At trick 11, George smothered dummy’s queen of hearts with his king, and I took the last three tricks, two clubs doubled and down eight, a plus-2,000.

When our teammates returned to the table with a minus-990 on their card, they immediately inquired, ‘Did you bid the grand?’ to which I sadly replied, ‘No, we defended a part-score.’”

I, myself, have never seen such a score on one hand alone. If any of you have, or have had an experience similar to this or just any odd bridge situation, please email me…and give me permission to use (or not use) your name.

Nancy Evins, of Lebanon, is a certified bridge instructor. Email her at na_evins@att.net.

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