Sales tax revenues continue rise in February

Xavier Smith • Mar 17, 2017 at 7:03 PM

Sales tax revenues in Wilson County fell nearly $2 million in February compared to January, but continued a trend of increases from the same time a year ago. 

Figures released Thursday from the Tennessee Department of Revenue showed February’s collections finished around $3.4 million, a steep decrease from January’s $5.4 million. Since collection reports generally are about a month behind, January’s collections represent holiday sales from December.

The figure was a decrease from December’s $3.9 million, November’s $3.72 million and October’s $4.04 million. 

February’s rate was up about $200,000 compared to the same month a year ago, which marked the 54th-straight monthly increase in year-to-year comparisons. The last time revenues fell compared to the year prior was August 2012.

Lebanon led the way with the highest amount of sales tax collections among Wilson County cities with $1.75 million collected in February, a decrease of about $650,000 compared to January and $150,000 more than the same time as a year ago. 

Collections in Mt. Juliet totaled about $1.4 million, about $1 million less than January, and about $100,000 more than the same time last year. 

Watertown’s collections were around $28,000 in February, which is about $10,000 less than January and an increase of about $4,000 from the same month last year.

Collections in unincorporated areas of Wilson County totaled around $260,000, which was a decrease of about $200,000 from January. The total represented about the same amount collected last year.

Sales Tax: At a Glance

The following are total sales tax collections by month in Wilson County for the past year:

February                $3.4 million

January                  $5.4 million

December              $3.9 million

November             $3.72 million

October                 $4.04 million

September            $3.77 million 

August                  $3.85 million

July                      $4.18 million

June                     $3.71 million

May                      $3.87 million 

April                      $3.97 million 

March                   $3.38 million 

February (2015)   $3.2 million 

Source: Tennessee Department of Revenue



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